Fast filter solutions for connectors


For almost 30 years, American Quell has provided high-quality EMI/RFI filters and protection solutions for a wide range of applications and connectors.

The company's mission is to quickly and efficiently deliver solutions of the highest quality, thus contributing to the success of its customers. Through Quell's patented EESeals, we have been able to solve EMI challenges for customers.

With its quick-assembled filter EESeals, with its patented electronic packaging technology for silicone rubber, Quells has solved EMI problems in a variety of applications.

Since its inception, Quell has shipped over one million EESeals to approximately 14,000 demanding HiRel applications worldwide.

Benefits of Quell

  • Fast, efficient filter solutions for connectors of all brands

  • High quality EMI/RFI filters

  • EESeals solves EMI problems in very demanding applications

  • Prototypes in less than 4 weeks

  • Optimization of existing design

Quell's Circular EESeal Insertion


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