– from idea to result

We at Stig Wahlström Electronics develop and manufacture customized cabling for your unique needs. With our commitment and solid experience of customized solutions, we can guide you and your company through all stages of development – from idea to result.

We work closely with many world-leading manufacturers, including with Sinbon Electronics.


The foundation of a quality-assured and well-executed cabling production, is full control of the entire development process. Our production undergoes documented tests throughout the production process – so that you as a customer can feel completely safe with the result. Thanks to our good relationships with world-leading suppliers, you can always count on high-tech end products, with the right quality for you.



We are happy to help with the design work early in the process. This allows us to secure the right choice of components as well as materials and design solutions. It also allows us to work methodically and efficiently throughout the production chain. All in order for you to get a solution that meets your specific requirements, based on technology as well as cost-effectiveness.


Our broad network of world-leading manufacturers and suppliers allows us to take on both smaller orders with a short deadline, as well as more extensive productions. We are used to working with sharp documentation requirements and accurate forecasts. In this way, we make sure to keep balanced layers, to ensure that our delivery times fit your unique needs.


Custom cabling solutions

We help you find the right solution for your particular company.

Tailored solutions to your needs

For us it is important that you get exactly what you need – therefore we always strive to develop custom solutions that work for you. Together with our experienced suppliers, we make sure to find the best and most cost-effective solution for your business.