Our markets

At Stig Wahlström Elektronik, we have broad specialist knowledge in many different market segments. Whether you work in industry, aerospace and defence, medtech, transport, HVAC, optoelectronics or energy, our experienced employees can help you find the best solution for you. With us you get new technical solutions and a quality assured journey, from world-leading suppliers.


Transport / Rail

Our customers include a wide variety of companies in the Nordic transport sector. Including manufacturers of trains and subsystems, consultants, system integrators, transport and operating companies and companies involved in renovation, refurbishment maintenance and service. After our many years in the industry, we can help you with the optimal solution for you.


Aviation / Space / Defense

Our products have applications for both land, water and airborne. Extreme conditions mean that the requirements for function as well as quality are very high, something that we can accommodate thanks to our specialist knowledge and components from market-leading manufacturers.



Almost everything in our society today depends on energy. We at Stig Wahlström Elektronik know the energy market, how it works and what requirements apply. With strong commitment from our competent employees, you can expect to get a cost-effective and qualitative solution that suits you.



Our hvac (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) solutions are developed to provide optimal thermal comfort. Thanks to our range of high quality and performance, we can help you develop components for healthy indoor air conditions in residential structures, industrial buildings and hospitals, as well as for vehicle environments or ships in marine environments.



With high demands on safety, precision and quality, we deliver solutions and components to a number of industrial applications around the Nordic region. We have the technical excellence required to meet your unique needs.



The directives in force on the design and production of test and measuring instruments place high demands on the components. Thanks to our broad experience and expertise, we can help you with a solution with high reliability and precision, from the market's leading suppliers.



High reliability is crucial when choosing components for the medical technology industry. We can offer a wide range of connectors as well as thermoelectric products, both chillers and peltier modules, that meet the hard demands of the medical device industry.



We can offer a wide and qualitative range in optoelectronics. Our range of LED-based, optoelectric components focuses on the active components when it comes to visible light, such as LED indication, lamp holders, sensor indicators and reflectors.


Safety products

When it comes to safety products, we know how important it is to have the highest possible quality at all stages. With our long experience and niche expertise, you can count on a safe, technical solution that holds up to the market's high demands and regulations.


Telecom / IT

We work with world-leading manufacturers of ceramic components, LTCC for RF, bluetooth, WLAN, UMTS, balunes and filters, connectors, VCO, frequency dividers and EMI/RFI shielded connectors and cables. With our specialist knowledge, we can help you find the right solution for your specific needs, whether it's customized solutions or standard components.

We will help you
– from idea to finished application

At Stig Wahlström Elektronik, we are keen to participate closely in your entire development project – from the stage of ideas to the completion of the application. Our large network of world-leading manufacturers and suppliers enables us to handle both smaller orders in a short time and more extensive productions.

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