Swelektronik Light guides

Light guides

We offer a wide range of space optimised light guides
With uniform lighting and flexible mounting solutions.

Light guides are used when you want the light source at a different location than the actual indication, for example between the board and the panel. We offer light guideswith or without built-in LEDs, and a large program with LEDs mounted in holders for front-panel or board assembly. In addition, we have different variants of front components (F.E. L) for both surface and hole mounting to rack installation, such as switches and signal lamps.

We at Stig Wahlström Elektronik work only with carefully selected suppliers. Thanks to our wide range of different standard components, as well as long experience of customized solutions, we make sure to help you and your company with just what you are looking for.


Light guides for SMD LED and THT LED

With us you will find flexible light guides with high brightness and even lighting, which takes a little space and is easy to assemble. We offer both vertical and horizontal front panel solutions, directly mountable on the board. Our range also includes occasional as well as multi-line light conductors and bargraph displays, with several different main shapes and sizes.

Light guides for front panel


When your light guides cannot, or should, be fixed to the board, we recommend this type of mounting. By pushing the light guide firmly into a fitting borehole on the front panel, it hovers above or above the SMD lamp without touching it. With us you will find a wide range of front light guides in different lengths, skins and mounting methods, and we will help you on the right path.

Front panel Mounting  light guides

Horizontal light guides

Horizontal light guides are used when the radiation surface of the front panel is positioned perpendicular to the board. Our range of horizontal light guides includes versions with round, square and rectangular heads. In addition to classic round versions with Ø3mm and bar charts with radiating surfaces of 2 × 5 mm, we also offer miniature versions. All variants are available in different lengths.

Horizontal light guides

Vertical light guides

Vertical light guides are used when the radiation surface of the front panel is to be positioned parallel to the board. Our range of horizontal light guides contains both versions with round heads, as well as with a rectangular, radiant surface. As light guides affect the interface, they also have an impact on product design. That's why we offer a wide range of aesthetically pleasing options so you're sure to find a design that suits you.

Vertical  light guides

M-Cut 2D Light Management system

This new lighting management system helps you implement individual lighting management solutions quickly and easily. The system is based on carefully machined, homogeneous PMMA plates, which, depending on the version, are either fully transparent or equipped with diffusers. We help you find the right one, and in this way we can also guarantee you an excellent light result.

Light guides M-Cut 2D Light Management system

Tailored solutions to your needs

For us it is important that you get exactly what you need – therefore we always strive to develop custom solutions that work for you. Together with our experienced suppliers, we make sure to find the best and most cost-effective solution for your business.