Cable protection

We offer a wide range of high-tech extruded films including materials optimized for outstanding flexibility, resistance to abrasion and exceptional environmental and chemical risks while exhibiting unusually high flexibility in demanding environments.

Many of our films can be configured for round, flat and rectangular cable and can use most types of closure.

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Cable shielding

Openable and closable cable shield for cables and cabling. Easy to open and close allowing cables to be removed or added. Available for many different dimensions and for static or flexible applications.

Flame retardant and low smoke/low toxicity are also available.

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Don packings

Our EMI shielded shrink tubing provides a convenient method for adding secondary insulation and EMI protection to cables.

Our heat shrinkable shielding provides excellent abrasion, environmental, chemical and electrical properties and resistant to most oils, liquids, mild acids and alkalis.

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Cable shielding in conductive aluminum foil

We offer a foil EMI shielded product that can be combined with most of our products and closures to create an EMI shield that provides outstanding performance and durability.

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Knitted cable shielding

EMI shielding knit material is designed to provide excellent EMI shielding performance. Knitted in various sizes and configurations, mesh can be added to most environmental protection materials to create a simple installation of Zip-on EMI shielded assembly. Our knitted design creates a highly flexible shield that, unlike many tubular braids, will not alter attenuation performance.

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Cable shielding in conductive fabric

We offer a high performance EMI shield for applications where high strength and flexibility, low weight and impact resistance are important. Our EMI shielding products can be integrated with almost any product to provide a thin, lightweight and highly flexible shield.

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Flexible cable shielding

Very flexible braid. Tinned copper foil on polyester provides good shielding. Available in four sizes.

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Knitted tape for cable shielding

Our shielding tapes provide economical shielding solutions. The tape is offered in aluminum or copper foil with highly conductive pressure sensitive adhesive that can be used in a variety of applications.

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Tailored solutions to your needs

For us it is important that you get exactly what you need – therefore we always strive to develop custom solutions that work for you. Together with our experienced suppliers, we make sure to find the best and most cost-effective solution for your business.