General EMI filters

General EMI filters with IEC inlet, fuses and switches. Low leakage currents and reliable.

Applications: PC computers, monitors and displays, PC equipment, instruments, household appliances...

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Power filters

Comprehensive series including: Standard, very high current, extended performance, 1-phase and 3-phase, AC/DC, multipleline, low leakage current and 400 kHz designs.

Applications: Shielded rooms, protected rooms, data rooms, protected cabinets, EMC, EMP, RÖS and TEMPEST protected installations...

Telephone line filter

High and extended performance with features in standard units from 2 to 240 lines.

Applications: Shielded rooms, communication devices, signal lines, EMP, RÖS and TEMPEST protected systems...

Data line filter

High performance filters for digital and analog circuits.

Applications: Sheltered rooms, data security, communication devices, signal lines, TEMPEST, RÖS, EMC, EMP protected systems, including ISDN, RS232, RS422 and RS423 protocols....

Control line filter

Single line bushing and multiline AC/DC control filter.

Applications: Shielded rooms, low current filters, fire, intrusion, control functions and other general installations...

Equipment filters

1-phase and 3-phase, high performance, general and SMPS designs.

Applications: Switched-mode power supplies, communication systems, industrial and military equipment...

Feedthrough Suppression Capacitors (Feedthrough filters for high demands)

AC/DC, high performance, high current, high temperature, miniature and 400 Hz ranges.

Applications: Telecom, base stations, IT equipment, servers, medical, military and general filter circuits requiring high frequency protection...

Feedthrough filters and capacitors

AC/DC standard, high and extended performance, Class Y2 and Y4 feedthrough filters and capacitors.

Applications: Telecom, base stations, IT equipment, servers, medical, process monitoring, military equipment, power supplies and general filter circuits...

EMP, EMI and TEMPEST protection (also RÖS)

High performance, Electro Magnetic Pulse protection, power, data, telephone and control line filters.

Applications: Lightning, EMP, nuclear and high current microwave EMP, TEMPEST protection and systems, RoHS protection and systems, shielded rooms, military equipment, telecom systems, civil and public service functions, homeland security, security and IT installations...

HEMP Filter (MIL STD-188-125-1 and -2)

High performance, High Altitude Electro-Magnetic Pulse protection filters, 1-phase and 3-phase power filters.

Applications: HEMP protection for military power installations, tactical rooms, homeland security, important commercial infrastructures, fixed installations, security installations, IT/telecom installations....

Military vehicle filters

Standard 2-line, multi-line filters, high current feedthrough capacitors and customized solutions to meet the specifications and performance requirements of the respective vehicle or equipment.

Applications: To assist equipment on military vehicles to meet DEF STAN 59-411 and MIL-STD-461 EMC requirements, including single and multispeed engines, air conditioning systems, air fan motor, windshield wiper motor, generator, starter, engine monitoring, equipment power...

Customised products

If a standard product does not meet customer requirements or applications, we can design and manufacture a customized solution to solve the problem, both technically and commercially.

Tailored solutions to your needs

For us it is important that you get exactly what you need – therefore we always strive to develop custom solutions that work for you. Together with our experienced suppliers, we make sure to find the best and most cost-effective solution for your business.