EATON Martek Power

Custom power distribution solutions


EATON Martek Power works with power distribution for trains and other demanding applications. The company was founded in 1961 and today has extensive expertise in the design, technology and manufacture of power supply.

With Martek's wide range, we can offer unique custom power solutions, in all market segments. We help you with solutions for applications within:

  • Power supply for LEDs and other low voltage lighting

  • Engine, door, ride and brake control

  • Power supply for miscellaneous electrical equipment in train carriages

  • Passage systems and ticket machines

  • Fire protection

  • Power supply for monitoring systems

  • Automotive electronics and inverters (AC-DC)

Benefits of EATON Martek Power

  • World leader in its niche

  • Long experience and customized solutions

  • Comprehensive applications of standard products (DC/DC, AC/DC and AC/AC)

  • Compatible with industry standards - EN50155, EN50121-3-2, EN50125, EN61373, NF F16-101, NFF16-102, STMS-01, RIA 13, RIA 18l, RIA 20, RIA 12, IRIS, etc.


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