Smiths Interconnect M23 connector


Robust M23 power & signal connectors

The M23 connector from Smiths Interconnect is a circular connector designed to withstand extreme environmental conditions. Its robust design makes it ideal for use in industrial applications, including machinery, robotics and automation.

Advantages of Smith's M23 connectors:

Robust design: The M23 connector is designed to withstand harsh environments, including exposure to dust, dirt, moisture and extreme temperatures. Qualified for use down to a depth of 5 meters. Read more here >

High performance: The M23 connector can handle high currents and voltages, making it ideal for power transmission applications.

Versatile: The M23 connector is available in a variety of configurations, including straight and angled versions, with multiple contact arrangements and termination options.

Easy to install: The M23 connector is designed for quick and easy installation, with a simple screw-lock mechanism ensuring a secure connection.

We offer a wide range of M23 connectors to meet our customers' needs.
Some of our most popular variants:

M23 Power: This connector is designed for high power applications, with currents up to 30A and voltage classes up to 600V.

M23 signal: This connector is designed for low power applications, with currents up to 4A and voltage classes up to 250V.

M23 Hybrid: This connector is designed to handle both power and signal, with a variety of contact arrangements to meet specific application requirements.

In addition to our standard M23 connectors, we also offer customized solutions to meet our customers' unique needs. Our team of experts can help you design a connector that meets your exact specifications.

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