Stig Wahlström Elektronik AB now offers products to create EMC

On February 1, Jolex AB became part of Stig Wahlström Elektronik AB. As part of this, we can proudly offer products for EMC solutions to our customers.

Jolex AB has many years of experience in the field of EMC and thermal materials and represents a number of well-chosen suppliers in the Nordic and Baltic countries. The customers are in a variety of industries, such as data and telecommunications, military, pharmaceuticals, electronics and telematics and more.

EMC, electromagnetic compatibility, is an abbreviation that means electromagnetic compatibility in English: compatibility between different equipment in a system. All the equipment in a system must be able to work together in harmony, without adversely affecting each other.

If we have achieved electromagnetic compatibility, EMC, the definition becomes:

EMC is the ability of a device, equipment or system to function satisfactorily in its electromagnetic environment without unacceptably affecting anything in that environment.
(Ref: IEC Publication 60050, Chapter 161, International Electrotechnical Vocabulary)


Examples of products to create EMC are shielding strips, microwave absorbers, shielding covers, mymetal, cable shielding, shielded shrink tubing, shielded windows/glass, feedthrough capacitors, various power filters, equipment filters, data and telecom filters, air filters, shielded rooms, shielded doors, ferrites, lightning and surge protection, grounding braids, precision parts, thermal gaskets, etc.

Since we offer shielding strips, it is natural that we also offer non-conductive gaskets.

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