Get to know Delta's latest brushless DC Axial fans E-series fans


New E-series: PFB-E and GFB-E

DC fans use a new rotor and motor design designed for high performance. In addition, there are built-in features to improve cooling performance in case of any failures. Delta's latest E-Series fans are designed for next-generation server architecture and power modules, where high airflows at high pressures are required to get good cooling in the systems.

For example, the fan GFB0812ES-E (80*80*56mm) provides a free-blowing airflow of 231 m³/h and a maximum pressure of about 1468 Pa. The fans are available 12VDC version.

Available sizes:

  • 40*40*28mm
  • 40*40*56mm
  • 60*60*38mm
  • 60*60*56mm
  • 80*80*56mm
  • 92*92*56mm

Max flows: 57m³/h – 281 m³/h
Max pressure: 1160 Pa - 2420 Pa